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Easter Sunday, March 13, 2017 – Year A


Jeremiah 31:1-6

Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24

Colossians 3:1-4, Acts 10:34-43

Matthew 28:1-10, John 20:1-18

Recommended Resources

Working Preacher

Thoughtful commentary on the Gospel and first two readings.

At 28:8-10 the risen Jesus appears to the two women as they are on their way to tell the disciples. This is actually a strange turn of events. The angel has just commissioned them (28:7), and now Jesus blocks their path. They recognize and worship him. The reason that they take hold of his feet might simply be a gesture to assure them that he is not a detached spirit, but the actual Jesus. These women are the first witnesses to his resurrection. The words “Do not be afraid” (28:10) recall the words of the angel (28:5). Then Jesus himself commissions the women to inform the disciples that they will see him in Galilee. That is fulfilled at 28:16-20 where he commissions them to make disciples of all nations.

Pulpit Fiction Podcast

Robb and Eric discuss blah blah blah.

Escape from the Tomb – Barbara Taylor Brown on John 20:1-18

Any way you look at it, that is a mighty fragile beginning for a religion that has lasted almost 2000 years now, and yet that is where so many of us continue to focus our energy: on that tomb, on that morning, on what did or did not happen there and how to explain it to anyone who does not happen to believe it too. Resurrection does not square with anything else we know about physical human life on earth. No one has ever seen it happen, which is why it helps me to remember that no one saw it happen on Easter morning either.

The resurrection is the one and only event in Jesus’ life that was entirely between him and God. There were no witnesses whatsoever. No one on earth can say what happened inside that tomb, because no one was there. They all arrived after the fact. Two of them saw clothes. One of them saw angels. Most of them saw nothing at all because they were still in bed that morning, but as it turned out that did not matter because the empty tomb was not the point.

Music & Art

Questions and Ideas 

Isaiah 43

  • What keeps us from experiencing the new things God is up to in our lives or churches?
  • How does this passage speak to the dilemna of honoring old traditions or ministries versus embracing new ideas or ministries?

Psalm 126

  • Have you experienced a time in your life when God’s goodness brought you to tears?
  • When have you experienced a time personally or in the life of your church when God was faithful?


John 12:1-8

Share and Discuss!

Be sure to share your ideas and reflections below. Which passage(s) will you focus on?

What topics, themes or current events will you explore?

What questions or creative ideas do you have for teaching, preaching or worship?

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